Restoration Restoring Diego Rivera's San Francisco Art Institute Mural

Project Description

A stereoscopic installation restoring Diego Rivera's famous Art Institute mural. The projection features notable faculty at the San Francisco Art Institute aswell as students. Projected opposite the mural in the Diego Rivera gallery, the project was prompted by my desire to create a virtual space that caused the viewer to reevaluate their association and relationship with the mural.

This project sought to express he relevance of the murals message, the importance of a collaborative effort to build or create a working product, in this case the student. The Art Institute was under threat of closure after a period of financial difficulty and the mural was intended to express the importance of maintaining a focus to educate and work together.

The installation was displayed in the Diego Rivera Gallery October 31st to November 5th 2002 and again on October 31st to November 2nd 2012.

Video Documentation

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