Las Paredes Oyen/The Walls Have Ears An animated documentary about the destruction of the Diego Rivera mural at Rockefeller Center

Project Description

In 1933 Mexican artist Diego Rivera was commissioned by Nelson Rockefeller to create a mural in the grand lobby of building 30 Rockefeller Center. Rivera painted Vladimir Lenin on the wall and Nelson Rockefeller covered and destroyed the mural. Rivera returned to Mexico City to paint the murals twin.

In "Las Paredes Oyen", or "The Walls Have Ears" the mural comes to life as an animated mural telling its story through interviews with family members of Diego Rivera and his assistant Lucienne Bloch. Contemporary artists and thinkers discuss the implications of Rivera's mural, "Man at the Crossroads".

November 2007 marked the 50th anniversary of the Death of Rivera with many evens taking place in Mexico City as an homage. 2008 marked the 75 anniversary of the destruction of the Rockefeller Center mural. The video was exhibited at the Museo Nacional de Arte in Mexico City as part of Mexico's National homage to Rivera from December 1, 2007 to February 29, 2008

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