Mission Dolores Mural Conservation Project A project to preserve the 1796 retablo mayor and 1791 murals.

Photographs courtesy of the Fennell family collection

Project Description

The Mission Dolores Altar Conservation Project has as its prime objective the documentation, ongoing preservation, and conservation of the 1796 altar or retablo mayor and the 1791 murals of Mission San Francisco de Asis, San Francisco, California.

As such, the project principals are committed to the study and preservation of both the Mexican baroque altar mayor, and red ochre reredos painted prior to the installation of the wooden altar piece.

The primary mission of the project undertaking therefore is to assure the conservation of these two historically significant historic structures and features, and to do so by way of public outreach and education, and the implementation of a program of digital documentation, ongoing conservation treatments, and those historic preservation measures necessary to assure the survival of the historic features under consideration.

This is an ongoing study currently in its planning stage with Ruben Mendoza, PhD. and Jonathan Cordero, PhD.

Project Media

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