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Wood Triplets at 14 months

by Margaret Wood

Photographed in 1981

Triplets Pictured left to right, Benjamin, Bryan, Richard.

Three are one today

by Brighton Argus

Published on Friday August 28th, 1981

During the first few years, a number of articles in local newspapers such as the Brighton Argus, as well as national UK newspapers such as the Daily Express and Daily Mail wrote articles about the Wood Triplets, talking about the shock their newsagent parents had, already with three boys, they hoped for a girl. Photos published included the baby triplets held in a newspaper bag by their father, and for their third birthday, sitting around a cake adorned with triplets.

Boys are first Triplets born at Southlands Hospital in years.

by Brighton Argus Newspaper

Photographed in 1980, Southlands Hospital United Kingdom

Pictured are Margaret (34) and Robin Wood (39) with their six sons, Simon, 8, Stephen 6, Daniel 3, and newborn triplets, Bryan, Benjamin and Richard. Triplets, Bryan, Benjamin and Richard, were born at 7:55am (Bryan) 8am (Benjamin) and 8:11am (Richard) on Thursday August 28th 1980. Margaret received a letter from Queen Elizabeth II congratulating her on the triplets birth.

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Fun Fact

Ben Wood is the middle of a set of triplets, the others being Bryan (identical) and Richard (fraternal) When the Wood Triplets were born, they were the first triplets to be born in many years at Southlands Hospital in West Sussex, United Kingdom. Ben weighed the least at a little under 2 llbs. He is one of six boys. See news from 1980.